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2/5 falls into the artists’ books series published by Captures. Four guests per year work within the same space of an open A2 format sheet (420 x 594mm), giving rise to various proposals depending on how the sheet is folded. This new collection is based on the principle of subscription – every three months members receive a new artist’s publication delivered to their mailboxes.
Graphic design: Jocelyne Fracheboud. Photoengraving: Bruno Voidey.

From the invitation of the 2/5 collection Francesc Ruiz decided to design a truck that folds in on itself, as if it were one of the Transformer robots or the image of the 1:1 scale bus of Mason Williams. The author’s interestin the world of logistics, distribution and affections, makes him pose this intervention as if it were a letter of love and friendship. The author reproduces one of the trucks of the Spanish moving company Cariño, a name that besides being a toponym of a Galician town, can also be translated as affection or sweettie. The truck is driven by a yellow heart-shaped emoticon that is nothing more than a synthesis of the good things we receive by mail, a microdose of serotonin, a generic cupid’s crush that serves to cheer up our lives in these strange times.

Guests 2020
John Armleder
Ana Jotta
William Kentridge
Teo Schifferli

Guests 2021
Cécile Bart
Ernst Caramelle
Isa Melsheimer
Gianni Pettena

Guests 2023
Claude Closky
Polly Apfelbaum

Subscription 1 year: France 45 €; International: 85 €
Subscription 2 years: France 75 €; International: 85 €
Subscription 3 years: France 90 €; International: 100 €
Subscription 4 years: France : 120 €; International: 130 €

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