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For this eleventh title in the Digressions series, Baptiste Brévart and Guillaume Ettlinger discuss with Julie Sicault Maillé their artistic practice as a duo and their installation La vallée aux 120 volcans (The Valley of 120 Volcanoes) for the exhibition Atterir – La terre au centre. Here they put into perspective the history of Noisiel and La Ferme du Buisson, formerly the property of the Menier family, and Valle-Menier, the family’s 1862 cocoa plantation in Nicaragua,  near the Mombacho volcano. This conversation takes place during a walk through Noisiel in July 2021, which is also an opportunity to take a look at an urban landscape; in a third, hitherto unpublished segment Brévart and Ettlinger cite quotations from artists from previous editions of the Digressions booklets, which echo their own work.

Baptiste Brévart (*1982, lives in Hanover) and Guillaume Ettlinger (*1987, lives in Paris) focus on the way narratives influence the world and its landscapes. In sequences combining documentary and fiction, forms and objects function as narrative tools.   Among exhibitions which can be mentionned : Atterir – La terre au centre / Centre d’art contemporain de la Ferme du Buisson, Noisiel, in 2021-2022 ; MdCdM – Musée des Collections du Monde, saison 2 (Museum of World Collections, Season 2), at Domaine départemental de Chamarande in 2020 ; MdCdM – Musée des Collections du Monde, saison 1 (Museum of World Collections, Season 1) at Franciades in Massy, 2019 ; Carbet Chelou in Camopi / Guyane in 2017, Ateliers Médicis. They have published Wednesdays at A’s, 330 Broome St. NY 1979-1981 with Pauline Chevalier et Guillaume Loisillon, Anamosa editions, with the support of Fondation Antoine de Galbert in 2021. Since 2017 they have self-published the Cheptel magazine, Cheptel #2 – Fonds, in 2019 ; Cheptel #1 – La fiction et aussi le document, in 2017.

Julie Sicault Maillé (*1976, lives in Paris) is associate curator at La Ferme du Buisson Centre for Contemporary Art. Her exhibitions, among them Aterrir (2021) and Le Palais des villes imaginaires (2022), place particular emphasis on language and territory.



Initiated in 2017 by Julie Pellegrin and the Centre for Contemporary Art team in collaboration with Captures éditions, Digressions is a series of interviews (bilingual French / English) that accompanies the programme. Through conversations with guest artists, the notebooks give behind the scenes access and bear witness to reflections, research, methodologies and sometimes the doubts and the trial and error that feed the working process. By giving a voice to artists, the entire collection brings out very singular voices that resonate with each other and explore shared questions around the performance and creation of exhibitions, the physical and political engagement and the decompartmentalization of disciplines. For each issue, the colour of the cover paper is changed, with or without embossing, to distinguish the publication in relation to each artistic project. The inside pages are printed in one pantone tone and the switch to English language materializes in a double page image drawn from research work.

Digressions 40 pages
21,5 x 13,5 cm
French / english
Autors: Baptiste Brévart, Guillaume Ettlinger, Julie Sicault Maillé
Publisher: Captures éditions / La Ferme du Buisson
General editor: Valérie Cudel
Editorial coordination: Céline Bertin
Graphic design: Claire Moreux
Copyeditors: Sophie Streefkerk
Translation: John Tittensor
ISBN : 978-2-491549-19-0
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