Captures éditions

Edition at 1:1 scale of Lefevre Jean Claude’s notebook insertions – an “investigation into the work of art at work”. Volume 1 [1988-1995] gathers the ephemera from notebooks numbers 1-17 into a binder. The # 0 binder prototype is presented on the occasion of the exhibition, [re] exhibit∞ at the CDLA in Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche (October 16th 2021 – January 23rd 2022).

Lefevre Jean Claude (born Jean-Claude Lefevre in Coutances, 1946) has lived and worked in Gentilly since 1985. From 1977 onwards, Jean Claude began the work of notating and archiving, making writing his preferred medium. Between 1993 and 2018, he produced twenty-five “Lectures expositions” (Readings Exhibitions); in 2016, he took part in “Une rétrospective d’expositions fermées” (A Retrospective of Closed Exhibitions) organized by Mathieu Copeland at the Fri Art, Kunsthalle de Friborg. The CDLA is devoting an exhibition to Jean Claude from October 2021 to January 2022.

Binder 182 x 224mm
Colorpan paper, Lockwood Green
242 pages
Coproduction : Captures éditions, La Fabrique sensible and LJC Archive, 2022.
ISBN : ISBN : 978-2-491549-15-2
35 €
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