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The Digressions series welcomes its tenth opus with A Staged Exhibition, which finds curator Mathieu Copeland delving into “choreographing exhibitions” in conversations with curator Marie-Hélène Leblanc, choreographer Jennifer Lacey and musician Lætitia Sadier.

In considering the porosity of the boundaries between the so-called plastic arts and the performing arts, and transcending the forms and vocabularies dictated by the space of an exhibition venue, Mathieu Copeland continues his probing of the very nature of the exhibition….”le temps d’un spectacle”…Dispensing with the physical reality of the object, the exhibition exists solely through the prism of the spectator’s experience. In partnership with La Ferme du Buisson and Captures éditions, Matthieu Copeland is also publishing a booklet containing transcriptions of the texts of the 13 guest artists – Art & Language, Fiona Banner aka The Vanity Press, Robert Barry, Luis Camnitzer, Braco Dimitrijević, Coco Fusco, Giovanna, Joseph Grigely, Swetlana Heger, Florence Jung, Ghislaine Leung, David Medalla and Michael Portnoy – whose dreamed, real or vanished works are interpreted by Jennifer Lacey and Lætitia Sadier against a backdrop by Gaylen Gerber.
In partnership with the Galerie UQO – Université du Québec en Outaouais and with the support of Fluxus Art projects


Initiated in 2017 by Julie Pellegrin and the Centre for Contemporary Art team in collaboration with Captures éditions, Digressions is a series of interviews (bilingual French / English) that accompanies the programme. Through conversations with guest artists, the notebooks give behind the scenes access and bear witness to reflections, research, methodologies and sometimes the doubts and the trial and error that feed the working process. By giving a voice to artists, the entire collection brings out very singular voices that resonate with each other and explore shared questions around the performance and creation of exhibitions, the physical and political engagement and the decompartmentalization of disciplines. For each issue, the colour of the cover paper is changed, with or without embossing, to distinguish the publication in relation to each artistic project. The inside pages are printed in one pantone tone and the switch to English language materializes in a double page image drawn from research work.


Mathieu Copeland (b. 1977 in Lagny-sur-Marne, lives and works in London) is an exhibition curator and publisher. His curatorial practice focuses on subverting the traditional role of exhibitions and revivifying our perceptions of them.

Marie-Hélène Leblanc (b. 1981 in Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada), has been director of Galerie UQO in Gatineau (Quebec) since 2015. She has produced some 30 projects for various exhibitions organized in Canada and Europe.

Jennifer Lacey(b. 1966 in Chicago, lives and works in Paris and Stockholm) is an artist and choreographer. In her often co-signed and collaborative projects she breaks free of the spectacular in a quest for a mischievous, inventive hermeneutics of the body.

Lætitia Sadier(b. 1968 in Vincennes, France, lives and works in London) is a singer and musician, and cofounded Stereolab with guitarist Tim Gane. She formed the group Monade in 1996 and has been pursuing a career under her own name since 2010.

Digressions 40 pages
Libretto 40 pages
21,5 x 13,5 cm
French / english
Autors: Mathieu Copeland, Marie-Hélène Leblanc, Jennifer Lacey, Lætitia Sadier
Publisher: Captures éditions / La Ferme du Buisson
General editor: Valérie Cudel
Editorial coordination: Céline Bertin
Graphic design: Claire Moreux
Copyeditors: Frédéric Oyharçabal, Kate McCrickard
ISBN : 978-2-491549-14-5
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