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Devoted to Myriam Lefkowitz, Digressions 07 is a follow-up to a research project carried out simultaneously at La Ferme du Buisson and If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want to Be Part of Your Revolution in Amsterdam. Lefkowitz looks back over her oeuvre in the light of the distinction between project and practice, the importance of touch and reciprocity, the ambiguity of caregiving, and the malleability of perception. She also addresses the interconnections that form between bodies and places via “feeling” and her use of experiment and commitment in relationships involving tactility.


Initiated in 2017 by Julie Pellegrin and the Centre for Contemporary Art team in collaboration with Captures éditions, Digressions is a series of interviews (bilingual French / English) that accompanies the programme. Through conversations with guest artists, the notebooks give behind the scenes access and bear witness to reflections, research, methodologies and sometimes the doubts and the trial and error that feed the working process. By giving a voice to artists, the entire collection brings out very singular voices that resonate with each other and explore shared questions around the performance and creation of exhibitions, the physical and political engagement and the decompartmentalization of disciplines.

For each issue, the colour of the cover paper is changed, with or without embossing, to distinguish the publication in relation to each artistic project. The inside pages are printed in one pantone tone and the switch to English language materializes in a double page image drawn from research work. Postcards from the exhibitions are printed and inserted randomly into the notebooks like bookmarks. Claire Moreux’s elegant and dynamic layout follows the meanders of reflection by inviting the reader to navigate, literally, through the text.


Since 2010 artist/choreographer Myriam Lefkowitz has been researching the questions of attentiveness and perception through immersive procedures that prompt direct relations between artists and spectators. The resultant context is conducive to a perceptual experience augmented by visual and tactile inputs, walking and liminal states between sleep and wakefulness.

Susan Gibb is a curator and writer from Sydney, Australia. She is currently the executive director at Western Front, an artist run centre for contemporary art and new music in Vancouver, Canada. Previously she was curator at If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want to Be Part of Your Revolution in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and ran Society, a twelve-month curatorial initiative in Sydney.

Julie Pellegrin is the director of the Ferme du Buisson Centre fort Contemporary Art (2005 -2020). 


32 pages
21,5 x 13,5 cm
Français / anglais
Authors: Myriam Lefkowitz, Julie Pellegrin, Susan Gibb
Graphic design: Claire Moreux
Publisher: Captures éditions / Ferme du Buisson
General editor: Valérie Cudel en collaboration avec Julie Pellegrin
Editorial coordination: Céline Bertin
Copyeditor: Susan Gibb  
French translation: Marta de Tena
ISBN : 978-2-491549-00-8
6 postcards = 3,00 €
1 issue = 6,00 €
3 issues = 13,50 €
6 issues = 27,00 €
9 issues = 40,50 €
10 issues = 45,00 €
11 issues = 49,50 €